SAP skills

Whatever the reasons that made you select SAP, our team will be able to make you get the most of it. Indeed, we master topics among which:


SAP just launched their own database engine, and it is designed to be extremely efficient! Luckily for you, we know how to use it.

SAP HR & Payroll

Our main business line, SAP used for managing payrolls and human resources. We mainly work with Belgian institutions, but we can adapt to your local business if ever needed.


In the urge for a specific module? Our ABAP developers know the language behind SAP that made it so powerful...

Our SAP achievements

Underlying our customers is something useful, but we can also claim we can bring on the market completely new SAP products, helping companies. his is the case for our H-DOX tool, designed to automate testing in SAP. Want to know more? Reach us directly.

Automated testing

Use one database for testing, and you are ready to go! Our tool looks for incoherences between the one you present to it, and your live one, making sure no update will cause a critical problem in your application once deployed.

Known cost

Start mastering how much testing a new application will cost, too often we know when tests start but not when they end...

Designed for you

Installation and updates included. Need for a specific module? No problem by here.

Other technologies

We mainly work with SAP, however we also are well-versed in other technologies which could be of much help to you!

Javascript client/server side

NodeJS, Angular2, ahead-of-time technologies that can help you build feature-rich and extremely fast web applications. We already have several realizations built upon those.


A framework written in Python, very versatile. Another trick in our sleeve.


Odoo, formerly OpenERP, is a web based ERP application, which now extended to allow many other usages such as creating a website like this one!